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Delighted to make your acquaintance, we are G-Med, a start-up company that operates and manages a social-professional doctors’ network in over 80 countries world-wide. We believe that with existing technology and our network of doctors, we can make accessible and ease the path of all those needing medical advice, without being dependent on location, the time of day or physical disabilities.

Having succeeded in creating an international environment for doctors to confer, we decided to allow the general public to enjoy the advantages of receiving medical advice from anywhere in the world, from any doctor in the world. This is how G-Med’s Online Clinic was born, a clinic that places the patient in the centre, saving her money and time, allowing her to choose the consulting physician, and making the whole process of taking medical advice a lot easier.

We would love to be in touch with you! For queries, requests or comments, email us at: global@g-med.com.

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