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G-Med's Online Clinic was on the IATI International Biomed Conference!

It was great taking part on the IATI Biomed conference, among the best companies, organizations and start-ups in the biomed field.

We were very happy to meet you and introduce the unique platform of G-Med.

There is no doubt that Telemedicine is the future of healthcare, and the products that were presented at the exhibition have proved it.

G-Med's video-chat system is the most convenient, easy-to-use system for online consultations. Haven't you tried it yet? Click here!

Hope to see you on the next exhibition!

Online Clinic

It's all about Telemedicine!


The advantages of the Telemedicine are well known, as a technology that allows, among others, having medical online consultations. One of the Medical Institute that already uses Telemedicine on a daily basis is Miami Children's Hospital. The Hospital's Senior Vice President and CIO, Edward Martinez, says: "We're able to provide telemedicine technologies fronted with engagement and wellness software, which allow for a doctor away from the office,"

We truly believe that Telemedicine is the future of healthcare. What do you think?

(Ed Martinez's quote is taken from this article)

Online Clinic

How to make the most out of the online consultation?


Have you scheduled an online consultation? Great!

Here are some Tips to help you make the most out of it:

1. Make sure your webcam and speakers work well.

2. Prepare in advance the relevant medical documents, including medical history and medications. If there are documents you would like to send the physician, scan it. You will be able to send it to the physicians during the conversation via the virtual meeting room.

3. Make a list of questions you would like to ask the physicians, to make sure you will not forget anything during the conversation.

4. If you want to have a written medical summary of the meeting, mention it at the beginning of the conversation. The physician will be able to write it on the "Minutes" screen, or to write it on his own computer and send it to you at the end of the meeting (via the virtual meeting room, or via e-mail).

5. We will love to hear how the consultation goes! Write us to:

Online Clinic

A new year - A new website


We are excited and proud to launch the new website of G-Med's Online Clinic!

The entire process – A to Z – is done online, from your computer. The video-chat system is very simple to use, and included many features such as sending documents, whiteboard, inviting more participants to the conversation (a family member for instance) and more.

Your physician is available at a push of a button!

Do you have question? We will love to hear! Write us to