A virtual clinic offering medical advice and opinions by video chat. The patient is not required to physically visit the clinic – the consultation is provided through the computer anywhere and anytime you choose.
A computer with a camera, microphone and speakers (these are normally available for any tabletop or laptop computer, but it is best to ensure they actually exist prior to setting the appointment).

After setting the appointment and making the payment, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the virtual consultation room. When the time of your appointment arrives, click the link. You will immediately be able to see your doctor and begin the conversation. In the course of the conversation you can send the doctor any applicable documents (test results, consultation summaries written by other doctors, x-ray images, etc.) and write him written messages.

Of course. During your video service you can send your doctor various files through the video system. He will also be able to send you files, as needed.

An appointment can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance by sending an e-mail to
global@g-med.com. In order to postpone an appointment, cancel your appointment and set a new one for the date you prefer.
The service can only be paid for by credit card.
The “Online Clinics” allow you to obtain private medical consultations regardless of your specific HMO or health insurance. To inquire about your eligibility for reimbursement, please contact your HMO or health insurance directly.
Definitely. You can ask whoever you wish to be present with you at the video chat and even assist you as needed.
The medical consultation provided by the “Online Clinic” conforms to the American HIPAA protocol on medical information security. Physician-patient privilege is maintained, and there is no reason for concern about violating your privacy.
Any additional consultation will require a new appointment + payment, unless otherwise agreed with your doctor during the consultation.
The “Online Clinics” are currently growing, with experts in various fields constantly joining its ranks. If there is a specific field of expertise in which you are interested, please contact us at global@g-med.com and we will do our best to provide you with an expert.