In an era where technology is an integral part of life, there’s no reason not to take medical consultations a step forward as well.

Research suggests that many clinic visits do not actually require the patient’s physical presence. By using online medical consultations, patients can be provided with the service they need anytime, anywhere they choose. Doing this can help your practice grow and increase your income. The service can also be provided via your personal website, allowing you to service patients who have not been able to come to your clinic due to time and distance constraints.

Additionally, you will be able to provide your existing patients with medical follow-up services without requiring them to physically visit your clinic.
The G-Med Online Clinic has two significant advantages:

1) Considerably increasing the amount of patients you have: imagine your clinic was accessible to any person regardless of its location or business hours. How many potential customers would you be able to reach? Online Clinic allows you to have a virtual clinic providing full service. This can significantly increase the amount of patients you have both in your country and overseas.

2) Providing patients with better, more convenient and more effective service: the Online Clinic platform is like a face-to-face appointment. Additional relatives and advisors can be added and medical information can be forwarded (such as documents, test results and x-ray images), while maintaining full medical confidentiality based on the American HIPAA protocol. Additionally, the video platform can also be used to provide the patient with comprehensive follow-up service after a visit at your physical clinic. Your patient can make an appointment at a time that is convenient to both of you, when he can be completely certain you will be available to him.

At this stage this is a private service and is not provided through the HMO’s.

You will need a computer with a camera, microphone and speakers (most laptop computers contain these as built-in features) plus an Internet connection. You should also make sure your insurance covers online consulting.

You can select the program most suitable to your needs: either a monthly payment program or paying for each specific appointment. For more information please contact us at
There is no obligation whatsoever. You can cancel the service at any time.
You should contact your insurance agent to make sure your policy covers online consultations. This factor is individual for every physician.
The medical confidentiality maintained in our online consultations conforms to the American HIPAA protocol for medical information security.
The cost for an individual consultation? is determined by you.
Fill in the registration form on this link. If you have any questions, you can send them to global@g-med.com.
For any question, comment or request for clarification, please write to