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The world of medicine has been making huge strides in the direction of Telemedicine or Telehealth. The technology already exists, and people around the world are benefiting from the opportunity to obtain medical advice anywhere, anytime, in the comfort of their own homes. The media has been following this trend and has announced that as far as medical treatment is concerned, the future is already here.

"…Patients need to be able to consult their doctor online. Having to take half a day off work for a 10-minute consultation is a high price to pay when the technology exists that would allow it to be done online from the patient's home or work… In a few cases, the appointment itself has risks – cystic fibrosis patients can give each other infections when sat together in the same waiting room…"

("The Guardian" , september 2013)

"…Another key that helps explain why people don’t seek healthcare when they should: They can’t get off work… They said they “couldn’t find time” to go to the doctor, or that they couldn’t get time off work, couldn’t get childcare, or weren’t able to arrange transportation..."

("The Atlantic", May 2014)

Telehealth providers say they help make up for this shortfall by aiding doctors in delivering services more efficiently… The widespread use of camera-equipped devices has made remote medical connections easier, and high-definition video often provides enough detail for medical professionals to make diagnoses..."

("Bloomberg", February 2014)

"New technology has created an explosion in demand for international telemedicine, especially in fields such as radiology and pathology that lend themselves to virtual care. It's an area that has humanitarian interest and is also a growing business for the hospitals participating in it… Not only can physicians treat patients in remote or underserved regions, but they can also tap into a market of international patients… "

( Healthcare", October 2012)

"…With the right level of commitment, a telehealth program can make a huge difference in preventing patients from being readmitted to the hospital while transforming the healthcare system as a whole…"

("Healthcare, Business & Technology", February 2013)

"…The study shows something interesting patients' eczema improved regardless whether they saw the doctor for follow-up in the office or communicated online," said one expert not connected to the study… The new technology "gives patients another valuable option of communicating with their doctor…"

("Healthday News", October 2014)

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