How do I use the service?

After a short registration process, you will be able to begin servicing your patients online – anytime and anywhere you choose. This includes routine follow-up appointments with existing patients, or providing consultations to new patients.

The registration process

1. Fill in a short registration form.

2. Select the program most suitable to your needs.

3. Provide the days and hours you will be available for consultations.

4. Receive a confirmation from our system.

After you receive the confirmation, your personal page will be updated with the information you provided, and patients will immediately be able to consult you online.

You can change your online office hours at any time.

The consultation process

1. A patient makes an appointment through the physician’s personal page.

2. The physician is notified by e-mail of the appointment, with a direct link to a virtual consultation room with the patient.

3. At the time of the appointment, the physician will press the above link sent to him by e-mail and access the consultation room to begin the conversation with the patient.

4. During the conversation, the patient and physician can send each other files, hold a written chat, share documents, and explain the patient’s condition by using an erasable board. An additional expert physician can be invited to join the conversation as well.

The consultation process is simple and easy, and can be done from any computer or smartphone.