Services provided to doctors

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Managing all of your online appointments

You will be provided with a personal area where you can maintain a diary of your online consultations – all in one place. You will be able to specify parameters for appointments, select your available office hours, create reminders, manage files, view future and past appointments and maintain a contact list.

Personal page displayed to the public

This is your online clinic! Your page will have a personal URL, and you will be able to paste it on your private website. This page will display every piece of information you have submitted: your field of expertise, treatments provided, office hours, fee, CV, recommendations, etc. Your page will be provided with search engine optimization to make sure it is ranked high when displayed to patients looking for your name or field of expertise.

System for making appointments online

Based on your specified office hours, patients will be able to automatically make appointments for online consultations. The system will notify you of every appointment and send you a reminder when the time has come.

Secured payment system

At the end of every consultation, the fee will be transferred automatically to your account via PayPal’s secured system.

Secure encrypted system conforming to the HIPAA protocol

Protecting your privacy and maintaining your patients’ medical confidentiality are our most important goals. Therefore, our system is protected by the stringent HIPAA protocol.

Appointment reminders

A set of automatic reminders will be sent to you at various times to minimize missed appointments. Reminders are sent to both the doctor and patient when the appointment is first made, 24 hours before the consultation, and 5 minutes before the consultation.

Online video service

Talk to your patient easily and conveniently at the push of a button by using our online video system. The system provides high quality video and audio and is secured and encrypted. It allows your patients to be provided with medical consultations anywhere, anytime, with no need to install software or add any special hardware – just click and talk.

Online chat system

During your video conversation you can also use a written chat to easily forward secure messages to your patient.

Sharing screen

At any time throughout the video conversation, you can share your computer screen with your patient (or vice versa) so you can both view the same information together.

Sending files

The system contains a secured file uploading feature that can be used prior to or during the appointment, so you that can have the entire patient’s medical information before you. You can also send the patient a summary of your consultation or any professional material you may want him to have.

Writing shared and personal notes

The system provides the doctor and patient with a private erasable board where they can write explanations or notes during the conversation.

Inviting another physician/family member to the consultation

During the consultation you can send a quick summon to another physician or family member and add them immediately to the conversation.

Joining G-Med’s “Global Physicians’ Network”

For doctors only: you can join this medical social network at no additional cost. This network will permit you to consult with doctors from around the world, share information, present clinical cases, obtain daily updates from leading professional magazines in every field of expertise, contact colleagues from other countries, etc.

Creating a group for consultations

You will be able to create an open or closed group on G-Med’s Global Physicians’ Network. This will allow you to consult with some of the best physicians in the world, invite them to your discussion group, and present the cases you wish to discuss – conveniently and effectively.

Social network platform for medical consultations

Our social network will allow you to display your logo as well as texts about your company. It increases your organization’s ability to learn and be provided with advice about various clinical cases and organizational issues. It is a tool for sharing information, creating discussion groups, holding conversations, sending messages, sharing files and images, etc.

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